Dr. Stone is a forensic psychiatrist who participated in training at the Institute of Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy at the University of Virginia, completed fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry at UCLA, and has worked as a consulting psychiatrist in both State Hospitals and Prisons in Central and Southern California. He has been a qualified expert in San Luis Obispo County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Communication is an essential element of the successful use of a forensic psychiatrist.  Dr. Stone regularly prepares reports for his clients and for courts.  These reports are direct, comprehensive, yet comprehensible.  In both written and oral communication, Dr. Stone will use language that is understood by his audience and convey it in a way that is authoritative, but not pretentious or overbearing.In both criminal and civil law, the forensic psychiatrist will be available and retained for cases that involve such things as critical reviews of medical records, the mental state of a defendant, and assessments and opinions on the psychiatric standards of care and community standards of psychiatric practice.

Criminal and civil cases in which a central issue is the client or defendant’s current mental status or previous mental status require the assistance of a psychiatric forensic expert witness, who may also play a role as a consultant and strategic partner.

The assessment of psychiatric disability, as it pertains to severe workplace distress, post-traumatic stress, on-the-job harassment, malingering in an effort to avoid work responsibilities, intimidation, or ADA regulations and suitable accommodations and working conditions are also best addressed through the assistance of a forensic psychiatrist, such as Dr. Stone.

Lawyers and Courts seek out Dr. Stone to assist with as a consultant and/or expert witness in cases of:

Attorney Assistance and Consultation: Assisting defense and plaintiff attorneys with strategic case management for successful outcomes.  Even in cases where a favorable outcome is unlikely, an effective Forensic Psychiatrist, such as Dr. Stone, can assist the legal team in preparing an appropriate legal strategy to mitigate the negative outcome that would otherwise be expected.

Criminal and Civil Expert Witness Testimony Extensive experience with deposition and cross-examination.  The mental ability to form criminal intent is a central question that must be answered in many criminal cases. Expert Witnesses in Mental Health, including Dr. Stone and other Forensic Psychiatrists as well as Forensic Psychologists, are uniquely trained to make effective assessments and professional determinations of criminal intent, even in those situation in which the defendant’s mental state may be compromised by substance intoxication, metabolic problems, or dementia.

Qualified Expert  in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court,Orange County Superior Court, San Bernardino County, The Commonwealth of Virginia & Los Angeles County Mental Health Court (Department 95).   Testimony is specifically directed to be understandable.  The words and terminology used will be familiar and comfortable to the audience (juror, judge, expert panel, or impartial arbiter). Communication, findings, and opinions are conveyed in an authoritative manner, but with a style that is understandable, persuasive, accurate, and not harsh.  An attorney summarized it well in 2007 when she commented, “The information was clear and the way that Dr. Stone conveyed the information to the jury was impressive.  He made eye contact, used gestures, was calming, and used metaphors, words, and examples the audience could relate to.  His testimony was genuine and factual, but his style is likely what saved my client’s case and helped the jury make the correct decision…and, when asked about it, Dr. Stone simply stated that it was him being “Chip”…

Criminal Law Evaluations:  Competency to Stand Trial, Legal Insanity, Criminal Intent, Sleepwalking & Violent Crime, and Sexual Violence Risk (mental conditions of persons charged or convicted of sexual crimes).

Medication Compliance Issues:  Outcomes based on proper care, education, Informed consent, and adverse reactions to medication.

Family Law Consultation & Evaluation: Child Custody Evaluations and Termination of Parental Rights, Evaluations of Dangerousness in youth & adolescent offenders, adolescent mental illness, and juvenile dependency.

Elder Law Consultation & Evaluation: Testamentary Capacity, Probate conservatorship, and capacity to enter into contractual agreements, mental capacity to manage finances.  In certain cases, where elder abuse or exploitation is involved, Dr. Stone may conduct an assessment and also utilize the expertise of specialty-trained geriatric psychiatrists, such as Edward Clark Allen, M.D.  Dr. Allen is a geriatric psychiatrist, orchestrates a consultation program at the University of San Diego, and is the co-Director of the Senior Behavioral Health Unit at UCSD.

Employment Law Consultation & Evaluation:  Threat of harm and violence in the workplace, termination of employment, safe hiring/firing protocol, employer-employee relations consultation.  Sexual & race discrimination, sexual harassment, psychological injury, fitness for duty, and worker’s compensation. Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Malpractice Law Consultation & Evaluation: Standards of care, standards of practice, psychiatric negligence and malpractice.  Misuse of transference, boundary violations, and psychological harm and injury.  Malpractice claims involving self-harm, suicide, violence, sexual encounters between therapists and patients.  Record review, false claims of psychiatric neglect, patient abandonment, appropriate termination of care strategies.

Wills, Trusts, Probate, and Estate Planning Mental competency to manage finances, Probate Evaluations: conservatorship & guardianship, Elder Abuse, Mental Competency to enter into Contractual agreements including the Durable Power of Attorney.

Worker’s Compensation Law:  Psychological trauma & injury, Evaluation of psychiatric harm & disability claims emanating from the workplace.

Sexual Harassment Law Psychological trauma and injury, psychiatric harm and disability cases originating as claims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sexually Violent Predators:  Evaluation and Courtroom Testimony.

Violence Risk Assessment:  Homicide, Corruption, Bribery, and links to organized crime.  Assisting defense with strategic case management, mitigation, mental health defense.  Assisting prosecution with analyses of psychological profile, background, personality characteristics, family dynamics, and narcissistic injury.  Crime scene analyses are important components in the maintenance of objective integrity in forensic psychiatry case preparation.  However, given the precision and expertise required for these as well as planted evidence cases, Dr. Stone typically directs attorneys toward those with more precise skill, such as his friend Dr. Park E. Dietz.  Similarly, high risk stalking cases are typically deferred to those with more precise expertise, such as his friend Michael Zona, M.D.

Threat & Danger Assessments:  Dr. Stone has been asked to assess, redirect, and manage troubled employees who appear to be at risk of harassment of others in the workplace.   These evaluations often involve a carefully orchestrated investigation into the background of the alleged incident[s] as well helping the employee, employer, and any involved co-workers reconcile differences and obtain the assistance required to permit a higher functioning and safer work environment.  In addition, Dr. Stone is also involved in safe hiring and firing strategies with consideration given to the potential for retaliation, rehabilitation, and ADA regulations.  Thus, even after completing an initial referral, an important role that a Forensic Psychiatrist may indeed play is to help facilitate an amicable separation between the employee from his or her position and consequently reduce the otherwise not-surprising attempts at retaliation that often occur.  In cases where sexual threats and stalking are involved, Dr. Stone may seek the counsel of or refer the case to a colleague, such as Dr. Park Dietz of Newport Beach, California or stalking expert Dr. Michael Zona, with locations in California and Colorado, whose expertise is precisely directed toward those areas.

Fitness For Duty Evaluations:  Employers and Employee Assistance Programs consult Dr. Stone to perform Fitness for Duty Evaluations and Assessments of Risks in the workplace.


Dr. Stone is a humorous, insightful, and intelligent physician and counselor with whom you will quickly feel comfortable and safe. You will find members of the office staff to be generous with their time, cheerfulness, and sensitivity to your privacy. Whether you seek assistance from the perspective of a patient, an attorney, or a member of the media, you will be working with someone who is very easy to talk with, who will make you feel valued and speak in language you can understand.


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“Dr. Stone really listens and takes as much time as needed with each patient. He is easy to get a hold of and answers emails in a timely manner. He asks a lot of questions and gives good counsel. The office is very comfortable and the staff is very kind and helpful.”

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