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Dr. Stone has dedicated himself to being available to many people who otherwise would not be able to afford services.  While there are limitations to the extent to which he can accommodate the financial needs of his patients and he has no influence over the mandates of co-insurance, deductibles, co-pays or pharamacy costs, he has attempted to keep his rates similar to other psychiatrists in Orange County and Southern California who provide services.

Dr. Stone remains one of a dwindling number of high quality Orange County psychiatrists who continue to accept insurance.  He is aware of the financial costs and the economic challenges facing almost all of us these days and seeks to be open not only to those who can afford full service fees, but also to those who have (and wish to utilize) insurance benefits.  Although not all insurance companies are gladly accepted, Blue Cross, and Aetna presently.  Dr. Stone is pleased to be an Orange County Psychiatrist that accepts Aetna, and Blue Cross insurances.  Dr. Stone also works with those whose primary insurance companies are others, such as Blue Shield, and will assist his patients with a “superbill” that allows the patient to seek reimbursement directly from their own insurance company for services obtained.  Dr. Stone is also able to bill for psychiatric services provided for patients who carry CHIPA and MHN. 

As mentioned above, Dr. Stone is a high quality psychiatrist in Orange County who accepts insurance.  Dr. Stone’s relationships with his insured patients are the primary reason that he has not opted to terminate his insurance contracts as many others in his profession have.  For example, one of his patients recently stated, “I’m so thankful that Dr. Chip Stone is a Psychiatrist in Orange who accepts Anthem Blue Cross insurance.  I would go even if he didn’t, but I’m so thankful that Dr. Stoneis a psychiatrist that takes Blue Cross”. 

Dr. Stone has stated, however, that he understands the other perspective as well and that “…the ever-changing insurance climate does create challenges and obstacles to the practicing physician that many psychiatrists are unwilling to attempt to traverse.  Thus, it is not surprising that many have opted to forego relationships with insurance companies and focus instead solely on their relationships with patients.  While this may introduce higher costs to patients, it also improves their privacy, the types and quality of therapy that can be provided, and the amount of time that patients have with their physician singly focused on them and not on time it takes to organize and complete the burdening forms requested by their insurance companies.  It is also true that patients that utilize the out-of-network benefits of their PPO insurance can continue to save costs because they will be reimbursed a portion of their fees.

When you make an appointment with Dr. Stone, time will be set aside for you in the schedule.  At the time that patients prepare their requisite documents addressing their backgrounds, medical histories, and reasons they are in need of his services, most patients choose to complete a credit card authorization form.  It will be said again and again that the office only uses credit cards under certain circumstances, such as appointments missed without a one business day notice, at the patient’s request to use the credit card for co-pays, co-insurance, or deductible charges, at the patient’s request to use the credit card for their daily service fee, or for additional services such as letter writing, phoning in prescriptions to pharmacies, report writing, or phone sessions between office visits.  Our office staff, and primarily Jonelle, will remind you, almost without fail, about this prior to any charges appearing on your card; in other words, there should never be a surprise charge that appears on any credit card statement.  And, you can rest assured that your credit card information will be encrypted and protected.


Dr. Stone is a humorous, insightful, and intelligent physician and counselor with whom you will quickly feel comfortable and safe. You will find members of the office staff to be generous with their time, cheerfulness, and sensitivity to your privacy. Whether you seek assistance from the perspective of a patient, an attorney, or a member of the media, you will be working with someone who is very easy to talk with, who will make you feel valued and speak in language you can understand.


To schedule an appointment call 888-742-7014.

Please download and fill out the patient welcome packet below before your first appointment. Thank you.


“Dr. Stone really listens and takes as much time as needed with each patient. He is easy to get a hold of and answers emails in a timely manner. He asks a lot of questions and gives good counsel. The office is very comfortable and the staff is very kind and helpful.”

– Anonymous