Dr. Stone has  been sought to comment on current events, media controversies, and to provide humorous anecdotes to the lifestyles and behaviors of some notable personalities.  He has been an invited speaker at roasts and works closely with crews in the development of characters.

CURRENT EVENTS & MEDIA COMMENTARY:  Dr. Stone is sought by print, radio, and television media for the unique perspectives from a forensic scientist and forensic psychiatrist.  His ability to connect with and educate his audience in an entertaining yet profound depth has made him a favorite and engaging commentator.  His experience with political commentary, personality characteristics, criminal law behavioral analysis, character profiles, and entertainment make him a excellent choice for press and media contribution.  His ease and comfort in front of the camera have further made him a choice addition to panels in need of inspiring, entertaining, deep, and poignant commentary.

CHARACTER ROLE DEVELOPMENT:  In the world of entertainment and information technology, Writers, Screenwriters, Producers, Directors and Actors utilize the insight of Dr. Stone for role development and psychological characteristics.  We address motivation, background, personality styles, behaviors, and twists that are both accurate and captivating.

IMAGE CONSULTING:  The objective assessments of how externally we present ourselves and are perceived.  An assessment of the internal environment often is directly related to the outward presentation.  How do you want to be seen?  Sometimes we want to appear different at work than we do at home.  Sometimes we want to consider ideas that may help bring us to higher levels in business, or in our relationships with our mates, or in an effort to attract the right mate.


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Dr. Stone is a humorous, insightful, and intelligent physician and counselor with whom you will quickly feel comfortable and safe. You will find members of the office staff to be generous with their time, cheerfulness, and sensitivity to your privacy. Whether you seek assistance from the perspective of a patient, an attorney, or a member of the media, you will be working with someone who is very easy to talk with, who will make you feel valued and speak in language you can understand.


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