Dr. Stone is an insightful, intelligent, and humorous psychiatrist, physician and counselor with whom you will quickly feel comfortable and safe. Whether you seek guidance as a patient, an attorney, or a member of the media, you will be working with someone who values you, and speaks in a language you can understand. Your concerns will be listened to, and your questions answered with comfort, wisdom, and experience. Dr. Stone’s office staff members are also generous with their time, and sensitive to your privacy.

All are welcome. Whether or not you have spoken with a psychiatrist before, this experience will feel different because Dr. Stone works to help you feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable,

In whatever way Dr. Stone can help, he looks forward to meeting you and working with you. Together you will fly through what may be at this point in your life one of your “Windows of Opportunity”. People turn to Dr. Stone for many different reasons. Some need to bounce ideas or feelings off of an objective person. Some need help coping with a traumatic event, navigating relationships, or to discuss medication options. Dr. Stone also assists with legal issues that involve psychiatric issues or expert witness testimony, as does he offer commentary or insight regarding a media topic or current events.


To schedule an appointment call 888-742-7014.

Please download and fill out the patient welcome packet below before your first appointment. Thank you.


“Dr. Stone really listens and takes as much time as needed with each patient. He is easy to get a hold of and answers emails in a timely manner. He asks a lot of questions and gives good counsel. The office is very comfortable and the staff is very kind and helpful.”

– Anonymous